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Through the creation of business mentors and providing networking opportunities for local businesses using the school site and involving pupils, Mark Rutherford School has created excellent employer engagement, according to the recent Ofsted report ‘Getting ready for work’.

The report investigates the availability and effectiveness of enterprise education and work-related learning for pupils in secondary schools.  Inspectors visiting the school also looked at how well the school and businesses were engaging with each other and how the school was promoting alternatives to university, including apprenticeships.

Featured as an example of good practice the report explains how the partnership was set up by the school to link local organisations interested in supporting students with the transition from education to the world of work.  It also goes on the discuss how individual partners get involved with the school in a variety of ways, from offering work-experience placements and visits to running workshops or attending careers events. It explains how some partners also develop specific business projects for students to tackle in their curriculum or spare time, while other partners act as mentors to students during their time in education.

The report goes on the say that Inspectors found evidence of good systems that fully prepared pupils for their post-16 choices and provided them with a range of alternatives.  Mark Rutherford has developed vital links to external institutions in order to develop pupils’ understanding of their options.  In Mark Rutherford School, the strong promotion of apprenticeships is delivered through ‘business breakfast’ meetings with local employers.

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Preparing Students for the Future

The Annual Participation and NEET Report for Bedford Borough 2016/17 shows that Mark Rutherford has had a decline in the number of NEET students (not in education, employment or training) and we are now ranked in the lowest group in Bedford Borough. 

Goldington Ward, where many of our students originate from, is in the top 4 wards with the highest percentage of NEETs, making our positive outcome even more remarkable.

This low figure of NEETs is a culmination of many factors that have enabled our young people (who are academic age 16-17) to contribute positively to society; curriculum opportunities, information, advice and guidance, having positive relationships, enjoyment of school, pastoral support, good outcomes, focused interventions, and a wide variety of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities to participate in.


Mission Statement

We believe that every child is unique.  Our aim is to provide broad, balanced, personalised learning experiences that will enable them to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and to achieve economic well being.

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