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Literacy is the ability to read, write, speak and listen in a way that lets us communicate effectively and make sense of the world.  Reading is the basis for gaining academic success in every subject.  If a child does not read widely and fluently then their learning opportunities are limited. 

The average reading age needed to fully access a GCSE exam paper is 15 years and 7 months.  If a child’s reading age is below this then they will struggle with answering the questions. 

We are keen to encourage every child to be a confident, proficient and happy reader.  We describe below some ways in which we aim to achieve this. 

Our Space for Learning is a well-stocked library with fiction and non-fiction books for every reading level and own books of all genres.  Our experienced and dedicated full time librarian can also offer advice and support to pupils who want to find a book suiting their interests.  With our Year 9 Options booklet comes recommended reading for those specific subjects your child is considering studying at Key Stage 4.  We also recommend age appropriate reading for each year group below. 

Library Lessons
All pupils in Year 7 have a dedicated library lesson with an English teacher.  In this lesson they are introduced to the star reader system, and they also receive dedicated support with reading strategies.  This lesson is also an ideal opportunity for pupils to take their star reader tests and to exchange their books.  

Reading Age Tests
Upon joining us in Year 7, students complete a New Group Reading (NGRT) test.  The outcome of this test allow us to shape a curriculum at a whole school and individual level for our students.  NGRT reading age describes a student's reading ability with reference to an average age at which the same ability is found nationally.  We use the information from NGRT tests to identify students who may benefit from additional support with their reading. S tudents who are reading well below their expected for their age will receive intervention.  Typically, intervention for Year 7 takes place during the dedicated library lesson.  Some students receive support during tutorial via our peer reading programme.

National Literacy Trust
To find out more about how to support your child at home please see the resources here from the National Literacy Trust.

Accelerated Reader 

Please click here to access the Renaissance learning.