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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a reading management and monitoring software that aims to create a culture of independent reading. Accelerated Reader is an internet-based programme assesses reading ages and suggests recommended reading material based on the current reading ability of the student. Pupils then take electronic quizzes based on the books that they’re reading, earning Accelerated Reader Points as they progress through each quiz.

At Mark Rutherford School, we assess our students for their reading levels three times throughout the year in Years 7 and 8 using the Accelerated Reader software. This gives us a regular up-to-date level of data that we cross-reference with our New Group Reading Tests to support students in making adequate progress throughout their time at the school.

All of this is completed within our fortnightly English lesson in the Space 4 Learning. This enables the class teacher of English and our Librarian to keep track of all students, provide support and push students in the need of further challenge.

You can find out more about Accelerated Reader by looking on the Renaissance website here: Accelerated Reading Program | Renaissance

You can also watch this short clip from the Education Endowment Foundation here: Accelerated Reader (

To login to Accelerated Reader, please click this link: