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Year 12 and 13 Trip to Wicked at Apollo Victoria Theatre

On 4th March 2020, the Year 12 and 13 A-Level Drama and Theatre students, and a group of the BTEC Performing Arts students went to watch Wicked in London. This is a well-established show that has been running in the West End since 2006. Most of the students have been lucky enough to see this show before but like most productions it can never get old. Students had to make sure they wrote notes throughout the show as they are then going to be studying it during lessons to use within their final exam. All students enjoyed this production and were amazed by the quality of the show and the vocals from the cast.

Year 10 GCSE and A-Level Drama Students Trip to Dr. Faustus performed by Splendid Productions

Bedford School were again lucky enough to be hosting Splendid Productions this year, and this time round they were performing Dr. Faustus. For the past four years we have taken the Year 10 GCSE Drama students and A-Level Drama students to watch a Splendid Productions performance as they are a fantastic example of a the Brechtian theatre style. Splendid Theatre never disappoint and they certainly didn’t with this either. Through their use of storytelling, multi-rolling and audience participation, they allowed us to be actively involved in the story of Dr. Faustus and really understand the themes within the play and its relevance to a modern audience. Students will write about the performance in their exams, and use ideas in their practical work. Another fantastic piece of theatre enjoyed by all!

Year 11 Trip to The Woman in Black at The Fortune Theatre


On Tuesday 4th February 2020 the Year 11 Drama GCSE Students went to the Fortune Theatre in London to watch the Woman in Black. Student taking Drama GCSE are required to watch a piece of live theatre to write about in there exam and to evaluate in lessons. This year the focus was the Woman in Black.

Staring only two members of cast, the two hour long duologue tells the story of what horrors Arthur Kipps has witness. A very clever production and incredibly well performed by the talented actors. Students had a large amount to talk about afterwards and have quite a lot to evaluate and write about in there exams. A very successful trip, and a show which made most students jump!


Year 8 Trip to Harry Potter Studios

Students in year 8 had the opportunity to further their studies on Harry Potter with a visit to Harry Potter Studios at Leavesden after studying it in Drama.  Along with coming face to face with a ginormous dragon, students had a fantastic workshop on pitching a film idea in less than 25 words which is a lot harder than it sounds.  Everyone then got to discover how the magic was made visiting the various sets including the great hall, forbidden forest, Gringotts and platform 9 ¾, and even got to try some butterbeer and ride a broomstick.

Year 7 Trip to Aladdin at Milton Keynes Theatre



On Wednesday 18th December 2019, 49 Year 7 students went to watch Aladdin at Milton Keynes Theatre staring Joe Pasquale and Lee Mead. The students had the joy of following Aladdin, Wishee Washee and his mother Widow Twankey on an adventure they would never forget. This included spectacular special effects, a huge amount of laughs and a real-life flying carpet. The students left full of excitement and loved the entire show, with only positive feedback to be given. A very successful trip lead by The Performing Arts Department.



Mark Rutherford School Does Legally Blonde

Omigod! Mark Rutherford School doing Legally Blonde! What a challenge! A challenge it certainly was.

This year The Performing Arts Department decided to take on the challenge to stage Legally Blonde the musical, a massive task as the show is incredibly complex. Not only from a staging perspective but from a casting and set perspective too.

The fabulously fun, international award-winning musical, Legally Blonde the musical is based on the adored movie, Legally Blonde.The Show follows the transformation of Elle Woods as she tackles stereotypes, snobbery, and scandal in pursuit of her dreams. 

On Wednesday 11th September, auditions were held after school to cast this show. With the excitement of all the students the cast was then revealed and rehearsals were underway, after a read and sing through of course. Rehearsals took place almost every day after school to put together the mammoth show that we had ahead. A few months later, the show had been set, songs and dances had been learnt, the set had been painted (after a very long weekend) and the show was ready to be performed. This was done with a cast and crew of over 50 students and 8+ members of staff and a live orchestra, comprised of current students, ex-students and musical professionals from the county.

Prior to the show the students were in all weekend for a full on rehearsal of singing and dancing with the band, as well as the crew prepping the final parts of the stage and set and tweaking the lighting design ready for a dress rehearsal on the Tuesday before opening night. After many late nights, long weekends and The Performing Arts staff trying to stay awake because of exhaustion, the show was ready to be performed. Legally Blonde was on from the Wednesday 11th December 2019 to the Friday 13th December 2019 being performed to over 100 audience members each night. This was mainly run by all the students and a couple of staff during show time. The performances were loved by all and had some fantastic feedback. A massive well done and congratulations to every involved in such a success.

GCSE Drama Exams

On Wednesday 16th October our Year 11 Drama students and design candidates took to the stage to perform their devised theatre pieces for their first stage of their Drama Exam. Students were given 4 original stimuli, whether it was a song, a picture, a quote, where they then had to create a performance based on these. Each performance was different in many ways and each story was different, something very interesting to watch as some groups picked the same stimulus. Every student performed to the highest of their abilities and all performances were a joy to watch throughout the day. Well done Year 11!


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