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Art at Mark Rutherford

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The Art and Design Department consists of four purpose built studios, one of which is dedicated to A level studies. There is also a darkroom for A level Photography, a kiln and computers in every room.
We are able to offer facilities for painting and drawing, printmaking, 3 dimensional work and ceramics. Pupils are also able to develop some textiles and graphic design work.
All staff teach across the age range. The department has a wealth of experience both within education and from industry, the majority of the department are practising artists. Each member has a specialism in addition to being general teachers of art and design.
The art department is open after school for individuals to develop their classwork. There are several art clubs offered throughout the year according to interest such as The Big Art Club which focuses on large scale projects and Photography. Any student who participates in extra-curricular activities will accrue points towards their Arts Participation Badge.
The majority of our students who study art at an Advanced Level continue their studies on Foundation Art and Design Courses and then onto specialist degree courses.

Description of courses

At Key Stage 3 students have two lessons per fortnight cycle. They all follow the National Curriculum for Art and Design, which enables students to not only develop their own skills in a variety of media, but also to better understand the historical context of Art and Design through the study of various artists and their ways of working.
A sketch book is provided for and high quality paper is available to any that require it for homework. All students would be expected to have a pencil and a rubber as basic equipment for their art lessons. Other useful equipment that some students have is their own coloured pencils and a pencil sharpener.
Year 7
The focus for Year 7 is to build confidence, develop skills with a range of media and to encourage resilience. The topics explored are Identity and Portraiture.
Year 8
Building on skills  from the previous Year 8s take their skills to the next level and develop figure drawing and sculpture.
Year 9
The first term is mainly diagnostic, reinforcing and building upon the practices students will have experienced from different middle school backgrounds. This is based on short projects on drawing and painting. The rest of the year allows students to develop more personal ideas in 2 and 3 dimensions. Often in the Spring or Summer term students will follow a theme for an competition and will be encouraged to submit work for it.
We consider Art to be no different to any other subject at Mark Rutherford in terms of students’ attitude towards their work. We expect all students to do their best and work hard. We do find that students enjoy their Art lessons and nearly half of them opt for Art or Art, Craft and Design at GCSE.


Almost 120 pupils study GCSE Fine Art or Art, Craft and Design in years 10 and 11. It is one of the most popular options in school at this level.
The course teaches students’ skills and technique’s which then allows students to develop their own ideas and more personal work. Central to all work is drawing which we feel is a fundamental skill to be developed and reflects the fact that we design for a purpose.
Students are encouraged to keep sketchbooks of drawings and ideas to develop in the classroom. Students are expected to work in a variety of media, both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional and to examine the work of artists in order to develop their own ideas.
Fine Art focuses on 2D media and the final outcome is often a painting. Art, Craft and Design is slightly more vocational in nature and the final outcomes will be a response to a given brief and may be 2D or 3D.


We usually have around 30 students studying Art and Design and/or Photography at Advanced level. The course requires students to become more personal about their work and to begin to develop an individual style. Once again these are exhibited for parents and public to enjoy.
As with other subjects students will be studying AS during year 12 and then we would expect the majority to continue their studies onto A2 to complete the A level.


Ms Saunders – Head of Department
Mr L Whitehead
Ms Langford
Mr Briggs
Mrs Gray (Art technician)
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