School Curriculum

“…..providing a range of experiences for all our students which will encourage them to develop their full potential and equip them to become lifelong learners.”

An Overview of the Mark Rutherford School Curriculum
Mark Rutherford School operates over a two-week cycle (week A and week B) from Monday to Friday, with 5 compulsory periods per day, each lasting 60 minutes. Each day starts with students attending a Tutor period and there is an option of a period 6 lesson each day to be used for retakes, interventions and other curriculum support lessons.

Students in all years are allocated to a House and Tutor group and are overseen by their Form Tutor and Head of House throughout Key Stages 3 and 4. Tutor groups are organised vertically and thus contain students from Years 7 to 11. (NB Tutor groups are currently organised in Year groups only for COVID-safety.) Sixth Form students are dealt with in a similar way, being included in the House system while staying with their Form tutor for two years. Sixth Form students are overseen by the Director of Sixth Form and Heads of Years 12 and 13.



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