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STEM at Mark Rutherford School


Meet the Mark Rutherford School STEM Scholars 2019-2020

Over the course of this academic year, our nine budding Mark Rutherford School Year 12 STEM Scholars will be working alongside our STEM Coordinator and STEM Assistant to run a range of STEM events which will enable them to build on their ‘life skills’. In this group, we have four scholars who are supported by Villiers Park Educational Trust, and five scholars who are supported by the school. Read More

International Women in Engineering Day 2019

On Sunday 23rd June 2019, Mark Rutherford School and its STEM Scholars celebrated International Women in Engineering Day by taking on the almighty challenge of organising and hosting a regional event on behalf of The Shuttleworth Collection in Old Warden. This event, aimed at inspiring and engaging students within an age range of 8 to 13 years old, saw families travelling from all over the area to get involved. Read More

2020 STEM Scholars Programme Conference

A selection of STEM enthusiasts from across Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire – including our new Year 12 STEM Scholars Sydney, Mya, Kian and Hares – began their exciting journey on the 2020 STEM Scholars Programme in November 2019. The programme targets students who have a high academic STEM potential and offers them opportunities that they otherwise may not be participating in. Read More

Girls in STEM Workshop

On Thursday 14th November, a group of Year 7, Year 9 and Year 12 students, all of whom have shown an interest in STEM during their time at Mark Rutherford School, were invited to Bedford Girls School along with Goldington Academy and Castle Newnham, to participate in a workshop run by Neil Atkin on behalf of Physics Partners.Read More

The Big Boat Build Challenge

On 20th December, eight Year 7 students went to Cranfield University to put their engineering skills into action; since there is a clear shortage of engineers and is a career vital for combatting climate change, Cranfield University were prompted to open their doors to younger students and allow them the opportunity to see what a career in engineering would entail. Read More

Dinosaurs with Bedford University

As a reward for all their hard work in science lessons, a group of students from across Year 8 and 9 were selected to take part in a series of workshops run by Gareth Bates, a lecturer from Bedford University. The first of these workshops focused on the broad topic of dinosaurs and how they can be linked and associated with all aspects of science. Read More

Smarties STEM Club Christmas Launch Event

As part of the Villiers Park Educational Trust scholarship programme, students are offered the opportunity to run an after school club for a year group of their choice. This year, Sixth Formers Mya, Hares, Kaylie and Alisha decided to take on the task of continuing the legacy that is Mark Rutherford Schools’ Smarties STEM Club. Read More

i-Worx Launch Event

Bedford i-Worx, created to enable technology and engineering entrepreneurs and small businesses to thrive, was officially opened on 27th January at the new Bedford Commercial Park and our Sixth Form STEM Scholars received a special invite! Read More

British Science Week at Mark Rutherford School

The highly anticipated British Science Week has come to an end; it has been a huge success, with a week full of activities for both our students and students from local schools. The Mark Rutherford School and Harpur Trust Planetarium was the focal point at this year's BedPop Science Festival event in Bedford town centre on Saturday 7th March. Read More


STEM at Mark Rutherford School – Past Successes

Smarties STEM Club

As part of the 2020 STEM Scholars Programme run by Villiers Park, students are offered the chance to run an extra-curricular club within their school, which is what Villiers Park scholar Amy and fellow Mark Rutherford School scholars Holly, Freya and Sarita did. During the academic year of 2017-2018, the four STEM enthusiasts ran an after school club for Year 7 and 8 students who were interested in STEM, called Smarties. Read More

Vex Robotics Regional Competition

In September 2018, students from Mark Rutherford School, Longsands Academy in St Neots, Sir Harry Smith Academy in Peterborough and St Ivo School in St Ives all collaborated to engage Year 10 students in an extra-curricular STEM project. The teams from all the different schools competed to bring their STEM skills to life by designing and building a robot to play against each other in a game-based engineering challenge.Read More

A Mark Rutherford School Space Odyssey

On Friday 9th November 2018 at 10:50am, Mark Rutherford School launched its first ever space mission! Ably assisted by engineering expert Graham Kirkby from Airbus, the Spaceflight team sent a payload into the Earth’s stratosphere on the edge of space, where it took photos of the Earth below and sent them back.Read More

Villiers Park Educational Trust

As part of the 2020 STEM Scholars Programme, each year a selected group of students from Mark Rutherford School are invited to Villiers Park Educational Trust in Cambridge to begin their journey on the programme. In 2018, thirty one students from Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire, including our scholars Lisa, Tym, Callum, Kyle, Oliver, Beatriz and Alex, kick-started their journey with activities that included making paper aeroplanes and a brain dissection!Read More

STEM Building

Mark Rutherford School is fast becoming a regional STEM Hub. The skills the school is developing will feed directly into the vision of the UK’s Silicon Valley. With financial support from the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP) through the Local Growth Fund, Bedford Borough Council and Central Government, the vision to build a STEM centre of excellence is coming to our school. Read More



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