Academic Mentoring

Academic Mentoring - Tuesdays

Tracking Points (2017-2018)


By clicking on the link below, you will gain access to a calendar which details the dates of regular assessments, feedback of results to students, programme of academic mentoring for the various year groups, dates when assessment data and or reports are sent to parents and the dates of subject consultation evenings.

This is a meeting that will take place twice a year with the tutor, student and parent/carer. We do have a regular Academic Mentoring time slot that is on Tuesday morning between 8.30 a.m. and 9.20 a.m. (hence our later start for students).

It is a valuable opportunity to look at assessment data and target grades to measure progress. It can help the student identify any problems they may be having and targets for future performance are set. Attendance and behaviour can also be discussed as they can be barriers to progress.

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